Flat Roofing in Brighton


Mineral Felt

This generally comprises of a built-up system of three layers bedded in hot bitumen.  Mineral felt flat roofing is available with different finishes such as paint, chippings or a coloured mineral felt finishing on certain systems.


It is a hot-applied product, with a trowel finish. Asphalt roofing can used on many areas including run out valleys, gutters, balconies and roof areas where foot traffic would be likely.  Most systems will need a solar reflective paint finish, with tiles laid as protections to walkways.

Single Ply Membrane

This is a product that is normally laid without the use of heat in Brighton and East Sussex.  As a result, it makes single ply membrane ideal option for the roofing on garages, schools and hospitals.

Liquid Coatings

This is a product used to overlay existing areas, or directly on to new decking boarding.

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